Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I found this wreath on PINTEREST.
I love the warmth of it! It was super easy. I've made two of them so far!

A group of ladies are getting together to make these the morning of November 18... wanna come?
If not here is a tutorial so you can make them yourself YARN WREATH

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We had a HOOT!

Another 'activity days' success!
We made these adorable owls, and caught up on our monthly scrapbooks.
We all agreed we could use at least another hour together!
I had precut small pieces, but let the girls cut out the body of the owls with the pattern.
I wished we had more time to sew.  I may do this again, with a sewing focus and have everything ready to go and just let them sew.
We had a wonderful time regardless.
Find the tutorial HERE and make a few for yourself!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hoo, hoo doesn't think this is cute?

I got this blank owl while I was in UT.
They have the greatest store there called The Wood Connection where you can get this fantastic, cut blank wood.
I got this owl while there. I finished him last month.

Initially I painted him brown, but had second thoughts, and after finding my paper, painted him grey. I LOVE this cute little guy. He hangs in my entry way.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Activity Days

I am in charge of Activity Days for the little gals 8-10 in our ward/congregation. Every other week we get together to do an activity of some sort.
I recently made this little board for us.

I started with a sheet of cardboard, that I get from my professional printer!
I used ModPodge to adhere scrapbook paper. I created 4 different sections.
A spot for our monthly calendar... birthdays, activity days, other monthly events

A spot for jobs. One girl calls all of the others, one is in charge of treats and two others pray at the beginning and the end of the activity.

A spot for our monthly focus. I want to coordinate a goal as well as a monthly scrap page to go with this. This month our focus is the scriptures, last month it was friendship.

The last spot is for miscellaneous things. For our last activity I put scriptures up in that spot that we were looking up.

I covered the whole thing with ModPodge and we adhere everything with sticky tac.

Thanks to my trusty Cricut for this project! Matt got me that for my birthday. Never thought I'd use it much, but I'm finding more and more!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's been a while

I'm working on a website for my creations...
BUT, here is my latest project

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

I have been creating many things.
Slowly I'll get them up here.  I teach modern dance at Center Stage in Cheektowaga.  This year I have been commissioned to make many hair pieces for different numbers.  It has been fun, I always enjoy creating.

These are actually for one of my dances.  I am doing Alice in a dark Wonderland.  This is the hairpiece for my trees.  I have clad one arm like this as well.  I love how they look.  I want to get a photo of my trees and flowers.

Tweedle Dee & Dum wear these...

The white rabbit... (I love how these tulle ears turned out! It looks great on stage)

Mad Hatters hat came with her costume, but I amped it up a little.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A few pages.

I need to update here! I'm trying to get a different site together for things I sell, always something going on. Here are some pages I did a while back. Christmas Eve with our friends and a page from a couple summers ago.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gymnastics Team Bows

I was commissioned to do some specialty bows.  These are for a gymnastics team.
I made these bows on an elastic so the girls could put them over their own ponies.

These bows were a perfect fit, and will add the perfect bit of 'fabulous' out there on the heads of these cute gymnasts! Their big meet is this weekend! Good luck.

Monday, February 7, 2011

V-day wreath and topiary

I spent the end of January working on decor for the baptism.
I covered waterbottles with butterfly-stamped paper, made programs and banners.
Check out the post on the BAPTISM to see that stuff.

THEN I got started on February decor!
The day I got sick I missed out on making THESE with some girlfriends, but my mom and I got busy and crafted together. It was much fun. I started with the heart, mom and I were like a well-oiled machine, she'd fold and I'd pin. It didn't take us that long to get the heart done.

I loved the idea so much I translated it to an old topiary I had in the basement. I'd saved it to make it into something different, I wish I'd taken a before photo. This was perfect. I'm not sure about the ribbon around it, but overall HEART!!!

Still loving this, I bought some flat foam, because they were all out of hearts, and I traced and cut out my own heart and did it all again, with mom's help. This one hangs over my fireplace. I love these!

I intend to do even more with this idea using regular fabric and styrofoam balls, making little ornaments for my white tree. Yea!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Make something every day

And so it continues!

I left off on Tuesday. As hoped I worked on headbands. I completed these two lovelies.

Wednesday was a 'crafty day'. It was a blustery, snowy day, so we stayed in and I crafted. I made several of these two banners/garlands. The first was made with little puff balls that I just put a needle and embroidery floss through. The second is made from string threaded through punched circles. Here is what they look like completed with the birthday banner.

I also had fun with my camera on Wednesday. You'll have to check my PHOTO BLOG in a few days. I've been participating in a weekly photo challenge. I hope to update there sometime in the next week.

Thursday I worked on a little food creation for the party. I started with little baking cups, which I spread out and painted with water colors. These are the petal portion of my chocolate covered marshmallow flowers.

Friday I spent much time preparing, baking cupcakes, dipping pretzels and marshmallows. I'd love to say they were all a hit, but when let lose to go grab some treats, everyone was more impressed with the gumballs. Whatever! A few did enjoy my hard work! At least they look great!

I do think I'd prefer the taste of chocolate covered marshmallows than the vanilla/white chocolate, but my priority was how they looked! And, they of course don't taste BAD!!! I found this confetti melting chocolate, darling! I covered one and left it plain, then decided to add sprinkles to the top of all of them.

I, of course had to try dipping the chocolate covered pretzels in colored sugar too!

Saturday I created a birthday party!!! Q had a 'craft party' and we made headbands, bracelets, bags and picture frames. That was enough for one day!

Wee fabric flowers

ITEM: fabric flowers
DESCRIPTION: Fabric flower clips. Each flower is backed with felt and a double pronged clip.
PRICE: $4 each
COLORS: All colors and patterns vary. Rotating constantly.
AVAILABLE: A whole bunch! Contact me for specific color combos.
Here are some little beauties! These little flowers are so very versitile! Seriously. Grab a bunch and put them in your hair, or just one! Put them on a hat, on your necklace, on a ribbon belt, on your scarf or on your sweater. Little flowers are very 'in' right now. Grab a few, you'll be surprised how many things you can add them to.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More creations...

Continuing from last week...
Friday I made the triangles for the birthday banner.
Saturday finished birthday banner w/ Q. It was so much fun putting it together with her. She LOVEd it. We threaded ribbon, painted the letters then hung it up. I have plans for the day of her party, but here is the banner so far...

Sunday I made the invites for Q's baptism, again in Photoshop, again, I'm quite proud that I've figured it out! I will string ribbon in that blank space.

Monday made some flowers to create headbands with.

*** I made a few headbands like this a bit ago, as long as I'm posting I'll throw it up there! I heart the colors so much. Lenni, this one is for you...

Today I plan to complete some headbands. I also want to make some garland to string up with the banner.

Scrap pages

January seems to be the month that I dust off all my scrap supplies.
I think the reminiscing of the past year gets me excited to get my stuff out and record some memories. Plus, things usually slow down a bit this month, so I can spend more time scrapping. I did these pages the last week of December, and haven't done a page since! I have been working on my little advent book though, in between party planning and baptism planning and homework and getting my house back to normal (decor-wise)...
This year I am strongly considering buying PROJECT LIFE by Becky Higgins. I love to scrap, but really the past couple of years have proved that I'm very inconsistent with it and the memories are slipping away! This is a quick way I'm sure to save little tidbits, then hey, when I get time to do actual pages I can insert them along the way.
I haven't bought it yet, maybe next month. It did inspire my goal for this month, to journal something every day. I try to take a photo every day, but I'm not concentrating on that this month, little steps!

Anyway, here are some pages.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Monthly Goal

One of my goals this month is to create something every day. Anything.

I started on Sunday, I made this...

Yes, I am a photographer, yes I own PhotoShop, but NO, I don't do digital froo-froo. I am a paper scrapper. I love to touch paper and actually put papers together using adhesive! I've never learned to do anything digital. I taught myself and came up with this. I'm quite proud of myself! It sure did save me some money too! I printed off the invites and Monday finished the invites by putting them on patterned paper, punched holes and tied ribbon.

Tuesday I made this...

I obviously need to change out the photos, but I'm excited about this. This area in particular seemed empty and I can't put furniture there. I made the FHE board. We will not only keep track of who does what for FHE, but use the board for stories and our reminder picture for the week.

Wednesday I made a page for my advent book. Just getting started, yes, but I hope to get it all done very soon!

Thursday was a big choreography day. I had two solos and my class to get ready for. I created movement. I love it.

On the docket for today is a birthday banner for Q's day. Also this weekend I'd like to work on a dance canvas for myself.