Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Canvas Art

I made these four canvases for the craft fair.
None of them sold, so I put them up all over my house!
I love them and they are nice and simple to make.

Each one close up...
This one is in the half bath.

This one is in the entry way.

This one is in the dining room.

This one is in our bedroom.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


ITEM: Message Center
These message centers are made from old windows. Each of them have metal, for magnets, cork board, dry erase and chalk board. They are pretty fabulous and super cute! Sometimes you just need a huge space to put all the little notes and stuff!
PRICE: $40 each (quite the steal!)
COLORS: Blue fram, Red frame, green frame and boy board.
AVAILABLE: Just these 4 left. Get them soon! I don't know when I'll make more.

This one turned out to be my favorite...

I love this calm green, it would look so great in a kitchen or family room.

This one is for a boy's room. The colors aren't so true in this photo. They are navy, green and yellow.

I also have one that I haven't photographed yet, will do that soon. It has a red frame and the cork is black/white. There is no dry erase on it, just a big chalk board

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm so in love

I am so in love with this last project I've finally finished. I got this piece at a little gift shop that was going out of business. All had to go including furniture. This was an old brown thing. I sanded it down and painted it white and hit a delay figuring out what to do w/ the back of it. I decided to order wallpaper and covered the back w/ this yellow damask. I am drooling w/ love. It turned out SO great! I can't wait to get all of my goodies into it! The bottom is a great place to store toys in our front room. Hmmmmm, love!

Before... in pieces

After... love

I've also finished G's desk and Q's chair.

I found G's desk on craigslist. I probably paid a little too much for it, but it was still only $20. Just, compared to Q's desk that is so beefy that I got for the same price, I feel I overpaid! Whatever!
The legs on this little desk were sort of retro and looked feminine to me, so I bought some wood and had M cut and attach it to the desk. I went w/ blue and still don't have drawer pulls. I have to special order those!



And, Q's chair I got at a yard sale for $1. Isn't it a jewel? I love how it turned out.



Monday, September 6, 2010

Some pages

Here are a couple of pages I've done.

First, my birthday from last year, actually celebrated in September.

Next, the kids first official dental appt. also from last year.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Spray Paint

Lately I've been into spray paint, love the stuff.
I want to add color in my house and so I've been spray painting, looking for things to 'change' via spray paint.
I love how quick the change occurs and I'm pleased with little pops of color through my house.
Here are a few examples...
Matt is not too fond of this white 'thing'. I have to admit that even though I like it I've had a hard time finding a place for it, it's been a floater!

It has found a permanent home in my office with it's new face of blue. My room is painted a fabulous green and accented w/ red and some pink. I'm liking the addition of blue, it works.

This is one of the many frames I used to use, I'm over the silver, so I painted it yellow and distressed it a bit.

Now, I've found a whole new love for this tired old frame.

These brass candle holders are fine, but I painted them a dark plum to go in my front room, and distressed them. It doesn't look like much of a difference, but it's enough.

I've also transformed a breadbasket that is on top of our microwave. Our microwave was white and the old basket (metal) was fine. Our microwave died recently and we got a black one, love it, and the basket didn't work, so I painted it red. Now, it works.

Love spray paint!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some posters and handouts

I am on the Relief Society commitee to plan and put on activities for the women of our church, in our area.
We are having and activity on Thursday and I was in charge of 'publicity' this time, which means posters and handouts. Here is what I did...

And I put one of them in this frame and put it out w/ some flowers... just something nice to look at

For the handouts I stuck w/ the butterfly theme, but wanted something soft, so I embossed this stamp w/ clear powder to get just a hint of the butterflies. They turned out great. I made a ton, and enjoyed it. I love to watch the powder change form, very cool. Q enjoyed too and sat w/ me to make a card for Megan Smith. I let her pick stamps and colors and she embossed everything! It's great to craft w/ my girl.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take Note

I've been making these message boards for a while and sold a couple last year at the craft show. Here are some newer ones I've made.

A recent project has been this monster message center. It's been at least a year I've had this monster frame. 24x36. Large! Marci and I bought the frame at Hobby Lobby and wanted to make message centers. I think at one point we thought chalkboard something, but I went the cork board route. The frame was gold, I painted it red. There are three elements to it, fabric covered cork, metal for magnets, then wipe board squares for written notes. I LOVE how it turned out! It hangs over my new dresser and looking at it makes me so happy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Festive Crafts

I made this cute block flag and these wood stars to decorate my home for the month of July. I don't have much by way of patriotic stuff. I need to build my collection! I love how they turned out, they will stay up all month. Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini book for Marci

When Marci left I gave her a box of goodies to open each week for 4 weeks. A little something to remind her of me a bit each week! The first thing she opened was a mini book. Here are a few pages from that, excuse the bad photos!

Some scrap pages...

Here are some pages I made a while back.

This is one of my sweet E, love those tender times when they are so small.

In Q's kindergarten class they had disposable cameras and took photos of various activities. Great idea! I put them all together on a general layout.

Except this one because there were 'family' photos in there...

I tried a LO w/ those protective pages that are divided. It's a little challenging to think in 'boxes', but I like how it turned out.

And a quick one of Matt's 35th bday.

Friday, March 12, 2010


ITEM: 8x8 1st year album
DESCRIPTION: This album is put together so all you need to do is add photos and journaling. You can add 1 4x6, 3 wallets or 6 2x2's. You choose. Then, simply add journaling and there you have it, a little record of your little guy's first year... and it goes fast!
PRICE: $30 each
COLORS: light blue, dark blue, burnt orange
AVAILABLE: one of each color
*email me if you are interested and I will send photos of each book

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair Accessories... FLOWERS

ITEM: flowers with pin
PRICE: $3.00 each
COLORS/AVAILABLE: olive green (1), celery stripe(1), white w/celery stripe (1), cream (2), gray (2), aqua (1), royal blue (1)


More fabulousness for your hair... and these also include a pin so, if you feel like it you can put this beauty on your jacket, cardigan, bag, scarf... whatever fits your fancy!