Friday, August 20, 2010

Spray Paint

Lately I've been into spray paint, love the stuff.
I want to add color in my house and so I've been spray painting, looking for things to 'change' via spray paint.
I love how quick the change occurs and I'm pleased with little pops of color through my house.
Here are a few examples...
Matt is not too fond of this white 'thing'. I have to admit that even though I like it I've had a hard time finding a place for it, it's been a floater!

It has found a permanent home in my office with it's new face of blue. My room is painted a fabulous green and accented w/ red and some pink. I'm liking the addition of blue, it works.

This is one of the many frames I used to use, I'm over the silver, so I painted it yellow and distressed it a bit.

Now, I've found a whole new love for this tired old frame.

These brass candle holders are fine, but I painted them a dark plum to go in my front room, and distressed them. It doesn't look like much of a difference, but it's enough.

I've also transformed a breadbasket that is on top of our microwave. Our microwave was white and the old basket (metal) was fine. Our microwave died recently and we got a black one, love it, and the basket didn't work, so I painted it red. Now, it works.

Love spray paint!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some posters and handouts

I am on the Relief Society commitee to plan and put on activities for the women of our church, in our area.
We are having and activity on Thursday and I was in charge of 'publicity' this time, which means posters and handouts. Here is what I did...

And I put one of them in this frame and put it out w/ some flowers... just something nice to look at

For the handouts I stuck w/ the butterfly theme, but wanted something soft, so I embossed this stamp w/ clear powder to get just a hint of the butterflies. They turned out great. I made a ton, and enjoyed it. I love to watch the powder change form, very cool. Q enjoyed too and sat w/ me to make a card for Megan Smith. I let her pick stamps and colors and she embossed everything! It's great to craft w/ my girl.