Monday, February 7, 2011

V-day wreath and topiary

I spent the end of January working on decor for the baptism.
I covered waterbottles with butterfly-stamped paper, made programs and banners.
Check out the post on the BAPTISM to see that stuff.

THEN I got started on February decor!
The day I got sick I missed out on making THESE with some girlfriends, but my mom and I got busy and crafted together. It was much fun. I started with the heart, mom and I were like a well-oiled machine, she'd fold and I'd pin. It didn't take us that long to get the heart done.

I loved the idea so much I translated it to an old topiary I had in the basement. I'd saved it to make it into something different, I wish I'd taken a before photo. This was perfect. I'm not sure about the ribbon around it, but overall HEART!!!

Still loving this, I bought some flat foam, because they were all out of hearts, and I traced and cut out my own heart and did it all again, with mom's help. This one hangs over my fireplace. I love these!

I intend to do even more with this idea using regular fabric and styrofoam balls, making little ornaments for my white tree. Yea!